Sales Tax

Q: Will I be charged sales tax?

A: Sales tax will be charged based on individual tax regulations for each state that the product is being shipped to.


Q: What is your repair policy?

A: Barbara Ellick takes pride in the quality of our merchandise. That being said, If you should need repair on any jewelry we are happy to take it back to get repaired to the customers satisfaction!

Size Adjustments

Q: If I want my necklace length longer/shorter can you help?

A: If you receive our product and you would like the chain length to be shorter or longer, please send us an email at barbaraellick@gmail.com and we will provide you with details on how long it will take for us to get this fixed for you and the price it will cost.

Q. If I order a ring and it is too big or small can you adjust the size?

A. For the most part we will be able to adjust the size to fit your finger but to be sure please email us at barbaraellick@gmail.com with a photo of the item and we will let you know what can be done and the cost of the repair.


Q. Is it possible to personalize my Barbara Ellick jewelry before you send it to me?

A. Yes, of course! If this is the case please send us an email at barbaraellick@gmail.com letting us know what you would like personalized and we will let you know if there is any additional costs and how long it will take until it is shipped to you.